Guilty Pleasure….Cooking for Real


One of my many guilty pleasures is watching cooking shows. I work out of the home running our two businesses: Janie McGee Studio and Double Latte Books. My schedule is kind of weird. But at 3 pm every day I take a late lunch break to watch my favorite cooking show. It is my afternoon guilty pleasure. “Cooking for Real” with Sunny Anderson is a bright spot in my day. I stop all my emailing, graphic designing, writing, painting, and projects to watch her show. I love to cook and have always loved good cookbooks and new recipes.  I like to eat food that tastes amazing. The flavors and blends of ingredients in food should, in my opinion, light your soul on fire with passion and taste. Some of the shows on the Food Network lack “soul” and culture. “Cooking For Real” with Sunny Anderson is a show with energy, hominess, great recipes, and honest passion.

Sunny’s bio is too amazing to mention. Her background in the military, Radio, and TV has paved a way for her to shine like a star on the Food Network. I had watched her many years ago when she first hit the Food Network with a variety of shows. Her show “Cooking for Real” has a unique, soulful honest approach to food. Now, I know I should be watching shows with low calorie menus and healthy recipes….. but that’s not going to happen. I love food that rocks the soul and mouth no matter what the calorie count. Sunny’s recipes are healthy and rich in flavor. I grew up watching Julia Childs. She would put sticks…. literally STICKS of butter in her food. I loved it! It was French food with a real desire to please.

Sunny’s cooking is like watching the Black Julia Child. Her sincere conversation, candid moments, and expertise are delightful to watch. Sunny’s show is my guilty pleasure. Every day from 3 to 3:30 pm, you can find me and sometimes my daughter Jasmine at my side watching Sunny wow us with new recipes and entertaining cooking! Check her out on the Food Network. DVR her or watch her show on Saturday morning on the Food Network. She will become your guilty pleasure!!!


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