I Read! Breaking Demonic Stronghold


   We are packing the house to move so I decided to count how many books we had to pack. It seemed like it was a trillion books on the many bookshelves that line our home’s walls. I counted over 300 books to pack. At one time we had over 1000 books. That’s still a small number compared to what we desire to own. I try to read as much as possible in-between painting, writing, and living. On the average I get through at least a book at every six weeks. There are a few books I have taken my time with because there is so much meat in them.

Ramon and I like discovering different authors and their viewpoints. Our shelves are lined with books covering everything from art, physics, comedies, history, biography, and a few fiction books. We read a lot of Christian books because we are always trying to grow in our faith and understand spiritual things that affect life. Our normal process of finding books is by going through books on Amazon for hours or spending a good four hours at Barnes and Nobles. R.I.P Borders. We loved the bargain books and great Seattle’s Best coffee they served. But there is still Books-A- Million. We have a reward card for almost every bookstore we visit. We love books!

untitled A few weeks back I was in a Giant Grocery store, somehow I ended up near the book rack. As I actually headed towards the Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream on sale, I got distracted. I came across this book written by Don Nori Sr. It was a great price and seemed a little different from other books I had read. I have spent the last few years reading prayer books with intensity. I have read every prayer book I can get my hands on. My favorite was “Just Pray” by Watchman Nee. I will review those books soon.

Nori’s book was very thought provoking, Bible based, and inspirational. A lot of books I have read on spiritual warfare spend a lot of time breaking down evil. His book spent a lot of time on the relationship we have with God to contend with evil. The book was anointed with a lot of truth about getting into God’s presence and walking with Jesus. The key to victory as stated so vibrantly in his book focuses faithfully on our relationship with Jesus Christ. The book does not glorify evil in any way. I know a lot of people who feel that if you talk about evil a lot, then evil will bother you. The truth is that it already is messing with you anyway. It just doesn’t matter if you are tuned in to it or not. Evil exists without your attention or assistance. As a Christian you do have power over it when you recognize it. Christianity is the only religion I have come across that has answers for the evil in the world, besides ignoring it what is happening around you.

imagesCA9D1ID4 His book deals with the tactics and schemes of the enemy in our Christian walks. Nori’s book focuses greatly on our part as Christians in allowing God to mature and walk with us in the battles. It comes down to a relationship with Jesus Christ. I really enjoyed reading the book. I felt empowered after reading Nori’s book to pray more, read, study, and boldly recognize the pitfalls in my daily walk that the enemy has set up. Simple everyday life living has pitfalls. We all fight, we just have to choose our weapons and choose our enemy. Many times we are our own worst enemies, or we fight God and others. The battle is real and has to be redirected with Bible truths. It is not about looking for a fight in life, but fighting the battles that do come your way in this world. There are a lot of books on the shelves that will break down and list various types of demons for you. But this book is great for someone who wants to know on the inside how to battle the enemy. Readers interested in gaining victory through their walks with God, renewing their minds, and recognizing the attacks will get a lot out of this book. I highly recommend this book for those who are in a battle and need a perspective that helps them draw close to God in the midst of their battles. A must read for the struggling Christian who needs power and inspiration to draw close to Jesus now in the battle!


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