The Tent and The Crossroad

The Tent and The Crossroad is an supernatural thriller set in 1935 during the Great Depression .The story is based on the Legend of Robert Johnson , the blues singer. The legend of his life is the selling of his soul at the crossroad in Clarksdale, MS.

The legend has it that  around 1927. He left the small town of Robersonville and came back a few months later able to play very well.  In African folklore the crossroads are a place of evil and decision. In many of his songs he makes reference to his experience at the crossroads in Mississippi that he sold his soul.  The mystery behind  his ability to play and his  short lived life  has been a landmark in blues and rock and roll music legends . Johnson’s greatest influence was Son House.  I have been researching many aspects of  this legend over the last year. The coincidence of event with others that have followed him are worth noting.  Many of the guitar greats  that have recorded  his songs or attempted to follow suit making a deal for their  souls have been met with trouble, hardship, and death.

I wrote this short novel because of many of the Christian movies and book I have read do not always have an African American perspective on Spiritual Warfare. I wanted to write a book that was historical, spirit-filled, and unique. It has taken two years to finish the book.  The book  is about a young man named Cayenne that sell his soul and changes his mind. A young girl named Ruby with dreams  get caught at the crossroad during his escape. They begin a journey  a discovery, battle, dreams, and truth. It is an intense look at life in  the 1930’s. plantations, spells, revenge, healing, and love. They end up  on a plantation that is being revived to survive the The Great Depression. The encounter heavenly help, evil, and redemption . During the 1930’s there were great tent revivals across the country.  They experience the power of God to fight the battle hat began at the crossroad. This short book trailer gives a visual  understanding of the book. ( I wrote the music also, hope you can endure it!) The book is on Amazon for sale. Here is a excerpt from the book. Hope you enjoy it. A very intense, exciting, and captivating  read!

tent tunm

The Tent and The Crossroad

“A black crow flew down the road. It transformed into a man. A tall shadowed man’s silhouette could be seen strolling down the road in a white suit. A lit cigarette was in his hand. A black gust of wind swept up the road in front of him toward Cayenne and Jo. The man strolled slowly as if floating and with ease. Cayenne could not make out the man’s face until he got closer. There appeared to be two more men who were on the road walking tightly behind him. The sound of gritty blues guitar chords rang out from behind them in the night air. The men had on white suits and two tone shoes. Their hats were tilted to the left. They walked in slow unison toward Jo and Cayenne. As they got closer to the crossroad, the two men in the back changed forms. Their faces took on a gruesome bat-like form. Their teeth were sharp jagged fangs. The flesh on their skin was like pulled tight asphalt with small holes scattered around their eyes. The smell of sulfur smoldered out of their suits. Their ears were large triangles angled like bats. They had no lips around their mouths, just black skin pulled in skull formation. They had one eye. They were called PopoBawa: winged bat demons. A pungent smell overtook the crossroad as the Popobawa approached. The man in front looked familiar to Cayenne.

Cain? Is that you?” Cayenne asked him fearfully and unsure.

“Yup, it’s him. I borrowed his body for the night. Now you don’t mind. Good to see you again Cayenne. We have business to finish. Here’s that guitar that I promised you’d play. Right now boy, you play horrible. I agreed to give you the gift. It started in Mississippi, but it will end here. Conveniently, Cayenne at another crossroad. Mr.Samael is the name.” The voice said as it rang out of Cain’s body. The man took a puff of his cigarette. He blew flames out of his mouth. He had taken over Cain’s Body. He was the strongman’s host. Samael was a fallen archangel known as the “angel of death and poison”. He was also known as the grim reaper.

“I have business here too tonight. I finished up your business back at the house. Mr.Samael.” Jo said as he stepped in front of Cayenne. The men behind Mr.Samael’s body stepped closer to defend him from Jo. Two 6 feet black wings shot out of the back of their suits behind them in unison. The wings arched in position for battle. The sound of them swishing out rang in the night. They stood there hissing a Jo.

“Silence! You two shape shifters from hell! You know my real name, don’t you?” Jo asked the two PopoBawas standing with Mr. Samael.

He took a step forward and got in Mr. Samael’s face. Two large 8 feet white wings shot out of his back. A white sword laced with gold and silver appeared in his hand glowing. His nose went away. It vanished. His face became muscular and chiseled in form. His black suit puffed up from his muscular form. Strength overtook his body. His feet became solid iron. His wrists changed to brass. He grew to 8 feet in height. A blue light encased him. A ring of fire circled his hands and head.

“I am Raphael. The Healer.”

“Yes, I have known of your work, Raphael? God’s healer? Something like that. No one is sick here so scoot along.” Mr. Samael said and shifted Cain’s body around to transform it.

“This soul is sick. I am here to deliver. I am also a protector. You know that. Let Cain go. Don’t harm him. Come out of him! Now!” Raphael screamed at Mr. Samael. His voice sounded like trumpets blazed with glory.”


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