Rachelle Ferrell…. The best


Over the years I have grown more in love with the music of Rachelle Ferrell.  I have looked up to her over the years as one of the greatest musician, vocalist, and composer in the music industry. Back in the 80’s I was a huge Al Jarreau fan. I wore out his album “This Time”. I knew every word by heart.

 I came across her music by searching for more artists similar to his style. I fell in love with her sound and style. The purity of voice, style, and soul in her music has always been a place I hope to get to, that I know I never will. Her music provokes so much clip_image004thoughts, feeling, and life. Listening to her music takes me to another place and time. It’s a journey I don’t want to come back from. Her ability sings, I mean sing sing from the depth of her soul is life changing for the listener.

Rachelle started singing when she was very young. The maturity in her voice and piano is defined from many years of cultivating.  Her rang of vocals is extensive.  She was also classical trained on Violin. After attending college on Boston at Berklee College she began performing around the world with some of the musical greats.

    Her mixture of classical jazz tunes   to contemporary compositions puts her in a class of music all by herself that is unique and captivating. She continues to produce breath taking song that come from a soul that has lived, clip_image006understand life, joy and pain. Her music is poetry for the soul, food for the hearts, and liberating for the butterfly in us all that need to fly. I hope to grow into the level of freedom of expression that she has perfected as an artist and women. She is a musical “shero” in my eyes. Check out the videos below of her performing. Rachelle Ferrell…. my number one favorite artist of all time!



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