Prayers for Black Women

Prayers from our book Prayers For Black Women…….

6abc882185Marriage in Trouble

God, I need you to intervene in my marriage. Lord, I am hurting inside. I don’t know how to make things right. But Father it begins in me! Change me to do your will in this marriage and take away any strongholds that I have set in my heart that have prevented me in the past from letting you move in me. Lord, I don’t want to change my mate. I want you to change us both and line us up in our marriage with your word. Help us to communicate and heal each other. Show us how to talk and pray to you as one. Help us to lay aside the past and recent pain by forgiving each other as you forgive us individually. Lord save my marriage. Holy Spirit begin to move and guide us back to God’s word. We need you to tear down every barrier and remove every person that is interfering with us. We need you to be the center of our marriage God and teach us to keep you as the head in our marriage. Teach us to pray as one, to listen, to come together and begin the process of healing spirit, soul, and body! We can’t make it without you Lord. I bind the spirit of divorce, hate, fear, arguing, bitterness, unforgiveness, immorality, witchcraft, and curses spoken against our union. Lord I put our marriage in your hands 100% to do your perfect will. In Jesus’ name Amen!


6a00e5536576ef88340134803d425f970c-pi2-650x489 Purpose

Lord of all the earth you created all of us for your purpose. Father you have gifted me for greatness. I can do nothing without you. Lord stir up the gifts, talents, and purpose you have placed in me. Help me to dream again and to glorify you in my life. I have been sleeping on my dreams. I need you to awaken in me the desire to pursue your will. Lord, I release all the people who didn’t believe in me and spoke words of failure in my life. I seek your face Lord, restore the dreams and talents you placed in me for great success. Provide the needed funds for equipment, college, networking, business, and travel if needed. Allow me to have divine appointments in my life from here on out. Connect me with other believers who are pursuing your will with pure hearts. Remove everything from me that would cause me to fall, sin, and lose my dreams again. Remove from me all the people who are in my life who are not supportive. Turn the hearts of those who really love me to support my dreams. I need you Jesus to stir up your gifts and power in me that they flow through my talent. Let all that I do glorify you Lord in this season. This is a new day!

prayerbookwomen new dec 14 2012 2a frontRefresh me Lord with your will and speak to my heart. Reveal to me the steps to execute the dreams and vision you have placed in me. Guide me Lord to follow your purpose my life. I bind all generational spirits that would hinder me fulfilling your plan for my life. Open the doors wide lord that I may go through them in you! Speak to my heart and make it plain Lord your purpose in my life that I not move to the left or right of your will. I receive my purpose in you this day Lord! In Jesus’ Name

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