Looking For Home

clip_image001 Several years ago I started experimenting with short films. I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of the films I want to make.  I am just started to teach myself animation also to make shorts. I am in babies stages of making films. I love the idea of combining my love of music, art, and history in film and animation.  The film below is in 3 parts (due to YouTube guidelines). It reflects black history, our faith, and struggle from slavery to now.  It is spiritual base in dealing with the conflict of where the church was earlier in our history and how far the church is now some ways (side track with materialism instead of the gospel). It was in our Christian faith that the black community prayed us out of slavery, Jim Crow and the civil rights movement. Somehow our culture, church, our communities, and lifestyle  has become more concerned with making money. sex, fame, and materialism. The film may be slightly controversial in the images, but again It is my first attempt in making a short documentary . I hope to have an animation out by the end of this year! Looking for home by Janie McGee

Looking for Home Part 1,2, & 3


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