From our Book – Prayers for Black Men

Family in Military

tuskegee8 “Lord of Heaven and earth, protect our loved ones that are in the military with your loving grace. Keep them from harm. God, provide supernatural protection over them and those who serve with them throughout their time of duty. They need your strength and wisdom to fight. Father, provide them with armor and equipment that will sustain them in the battles. Give them insight to the enemy and give them revelations. Lord, do not let hate or anger over take their hearts. Give them the godly stance needed in their hearts to fight as you command and make decisions that are in line with your word and your will for their lives. Yoke them up with other godly Christians in the military that will strengthen their souls and spirits.

Send your word through those you commission to strengthen your army on earth and in heaven in Jesus’ name. I come against fear and torment that would try to over take. Help them to keep their minds stayed on you Lord. I thank you Lord as you protect and guide their lives daily. Keep them from disease, attacks, immorality, unfair treatment, racism, injustice, and cruelty. Lord keep your hand on their lives and raise them up even more in their gifting to follow you. Keep their families back at home strong and encouraged as you protect them while they are away. Let there be no lack in their homes as you provide and shepherd. IN Jesus’ name Amen!”

Your Purpose

face-black_man-2 “A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before the great.”Proverb 18:16


Lord of all the earth you created all of us for your purpose. Father you have gifted me for greatness. I can do nothing without you. Lord stir up the gifts, talents, and purpose you have placed in me. Help me to dream again and to glorify you in my life. I have been sleeping on my dreams. I need you to awaken in me the desire to pursue your will. Lord, I release all the people who didn’t believe in me and spoke words of failure in my life. I seek your face Lord, restore the dreams and talents you placed in me for great success. Provide the needed funds for equipment, college, networking, business, and travel if needed. Allow me to have divine appointments in my life from here on out. Connect me with other believers who are pursuing your will with pure hearts. Remove everything from me that would cause me to fall, sin, and lose my dreams again. Remove from me all the people who are in my life who are not supportive. Turn the hearts of those who really love me to support my dreams. I need you Jesus to stir up your gifts and power in me that they flow through my talent. Let all that I do glorify you Lord in this season. This is a new day! Refresh me Lord with your will and speak to my heart. Reveal to me the steps to execute the dreams and vision you have placed in me. Guide me Lord to follow your purpose my life. I bind all generational spirits that would hinder me fulfilling your plan for my life. Open the doors wide lord that I may go through them in you! Speak to my heart and make it plain Lord your purpose in my life that I not move to the left or right of your will. I receive my purpose in you this day Lord! In Jesus’ Name

Your Ministry

imagesCAKNQT4D “And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:”

Ephesians 4:11-13


Lord, you have called me to preach your word through the gift in me. I humble myself to your cross. There is no good thing in me Lord. Live in me and do your will to preach the good news about Jesus. Father I don’t want to preach anything not in your word Increase my time of studying your word. Open up your word to me with revelation and principles. Show me Holy Spirit the mysteries of the word of God. I seek your face Lord. Guide m to the people you ant me to reach. I will not boast before you. Let no flesh glory in your sight. I will not credit for the work that you do in me, may you have all the glory. Heavenly father I need you to anoint me and commission me for this season of my life. Confirm you call on my life through those you have place around me that hear from you. Open doors for preaching and teaching. Open doors to ministry to your people a sound timely word. Stir up the gift of God in me. Use Lord. I am available to you! Pour out your anointing on me. I don’t want to boast the people or hold back the prayers for black mentruth. Bring me into balance in your word. Strengthen my prayer life that I have dream, visions, and hear from you before I ministry your world and will. I don ‘want to be one of those who boast about running from their call. So I submit to you mu soul, spirit, my life for the call you have appointed me to Lord. Because I have a past and there will be challenges among men and woman allowing me to speak your word give me favor and open doors of you. Break me lord and cleanse me of anything agenda I have as I step in the call that take people eyes off you. Jesus I need you power in my ministry. Touch me now! I come up against every hindering spirit that would stop your flow in my ministry. I will preach in season and out your word! Help me to be transparent and keep it real before your people! Have your way Lord. My ministry is your! IN Jesus name

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