Maybe There is a Book in You.


In the last 4 years we have self published 9 books. We are still learning how to write, design, and publish our books. One of the things that motivated us to elf published was the complex process of trying to get publish if you don’t write mainstream books. We have had to be creative and self motivated from start to finish. We are constantly researching and studying to make sure we are on point. It is a journey we started 21 years ago when we were married.

In this season of our lives we decided to write and create art that reflects the thing we have done and seen over the last 21 years. We are still making new memories everyday as a couple and family. We still have a lot to experience in this life. We wanted to begin writing books to capture the earlier part of our lives before we forget those experience, revelations, and insights. We still have about 17 books or more to bring to print. That include children books, fiction, nonfiction, prayer-book, books on miracles, history, writing science, and art books to name a few. Books has given us the vehicle we needed to combine all our gifting as a couple together. I am a horrible speller, Ramon is an amazing editor. He doesn’t do design and graphic, I love designing books covers and layout. We have become a unique team.  We compliment each other. We have many books and artwork in us to create. The question is: Is there a book in you?

Writing a book can be overwhelming at first. It is the fear of not knowing if you are doing it right. I encourage you to write that book you have been putting off. There is a book in you! It is easy to compare ourselves with other and feel bad. It is hard sometimes to believe you have anything to say that is worth saying. I say… You do! All of our stories add life to other when we put it on paper. Our lives are unique. No one has been in your shoes. No one has seen what you have seen! You are a bestseller because you survive what life has given. You are here to tell your side. So tell your story! Open up a word file. Start at the top and write. When you edit you can go back and fix your mistake, rearrange your story, and add. But get started!! The minute you started writing you will break every stronghold that is hindering you from success! You will have the victory to write your book but just get started! Don’t let another day go by of just thinking about it. Tell you story and write! The hardest part is getting started. Every day you write you are one day closer to finishing your book. Give yourself grace to just get started. The world is waiting to hear your story that only you can tell!

imagesCAISND4P Maybe you want to write about your mother or father. Maybe you had a tragic event you survive. Maybe you have short story you have wanted to write. Or maybe you have poetry you need to gather together for books. Maybe you want to write a cookbook. Maybe you are an artist and want to out your art in a book. Do it for you. Take time each day to work on your book and before you know it you will be done. Trust what is in you and what you know to be released in your book. Don’t let another year go by just thinking about it…. Write it!

The thing we fear the most do not come to past. It is the tapes in our mind we have listen to that keeps us from succeeding. Change your mind and you change your directions. Approach your writing from a healthy place of doing it for you to get a release in your spirit. When you write books I can’t explain it, but there is a feeling of release when you are finish. You are no longer holding it in or holding back. When the book is done there is good feeling of emptiness that hits your spirit. Then there is a birthing of the next book that begins to stir you up. Maybe you have been journaling for a long time. You can take some of the journal you have began to transcribe them into book.


imagesCAHFKHGB There is also text to speech software you can use to talk into microphone on your computer while it types out your words. Find what works best for you but start writing. There are several really good sites for publishing your book print on demand. We use It is owned by Amazon so your book go straight to Amazon when it is finished. You can also pursue a literary agents, publisher or self publishing company. Shop around your option. Research the different ways you can publish. You might even want to start a blog that is a journal format to share your thoughts. But whatever you do get started! Your story is worth telling. Your idea for a book is worth pursuing. This is the only life you have to live… so live it to fullness. This year start that book you have been waiting to write. This is your time! Your season to write! I can’t wait to read… your book!

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