Loving Andy McKee…. Guitar At Its Best!


Music has this way of taking you to placing in the heart, mind, and soul when it  played with passion. Many years ago when I had a MySpace page ( remember MySpace?) I learn how to build the pages from scratch  so that it had a personal touch. I researched many musicians I wanted to add to my page  to give it that real welcoming feel. I ran across  one of best acoustic guitar player  I have heard outside of Stanley Jordan. His name is Andy McKee.  I feel in love with his music and have never looked back.

When I am creating art I put on his music. When I am writing I have him on my head phones. Words really can describe the sense of life and tranquility his music give you. It is like eating  cheesecake by a quiet lake with the wind blowing notes  in your hair.  It is like sitting in a field of  sunflowers while this sky fans you with joy. His music is   so truly amazing. He  has not only master his ability to play and manipulate the guitar into orchestrated musical bliss ,but he makes you feel like he is sitting in the room playing for you alone.  His music makes me smile…..



imagesCAVCJQ1FAndy McKee (born April 4, 1979 in Topeka, Kansas) is an American fingerstyle guitarist currently signed to the US-American record label Candyrat Records. His style of playing and his compositions have earned him a considerable fanbase; in late 2006, a live performance of his flagship song “Drifting” became a Featured Video on YouTube and MySpace, achieving over 12,000,000 views on the former to date and remaining one of its highest rated music clips. A handful of McKee’s other songs have experienced lesser success on YouTube, such as “Rylynn” and “Africa” both eclipsing 5,000,000 views apiece.http://hubpages.com/hub/Andy-McKee-Biography

One of the great thing about watching his videos is the unique stylized  ability  he has using the neck, body, base, and strings as an  apart  of the rhythmic beat of the song. His ability to tap out beats on the base on the guitar while fingering  complex  notes  on  the strings is unbelievable. Many time while I am watching him play I am drawn into the moment intensely. I just  want  to lean back and just finished my cheesecake  with delightful bliss from  the whole atmosphere his music creates.   His ability to play the harp guitar is breath-taking. It takes you there. I love all kind of music. But I especially love music that speaks to the whole being of  whole you are. His music does that gracefully.  It is rare to see someone make living from music doing what they love that really impact the soul of life. His music does that. It transform your thoughts and minutes of the day.  In short…. his music  chills me out with peace.  You can purchase his music on Candyrat records. Take a few minute, lean back, and just listen to this  gifted musician. You will become an instant fan. Andy McKee is the one of best thing that ever happen to music.

Ps.. If you have never seen someone play a harp guitar… you are in for a treat!


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