Double Latte Books, A New Thing

u14562476 Several weeks ago I wrote on our blog about the month of April is a month of new beginnings. Sometimes in life you end up living what you write about. Our business was called Black Revival Studio but we changed it this month to Double Latte books. We have also revived one of the successful component we had many years ago for my art – Raspberry Mills Studio. Black Revival Studio was a birthing place for new books, art, and new idea. It did not have all the aspect in we wanted.  We wanted to have more options to explore in publishing books, children books, fiction, nonfiction, and journals.

We have to broaden our name, business plan, and focus. We are still in baby stages of recreating our selves, but it is an exciting new adventure for us to explore. The books that we have self published under Black Revival Studio will be revised and reedited in the weeks and months to come. I am currently working on several new short fiction, non fictions, art books, journals, and   children’s books.

imagesCA90APBBWe wrestled for many days with the new name.  Ramon and I love a good book and a good cup of coffee. So we came up with Double Latte Books. The Double for  us as represent our teamwork as a couple and the idea of  “double” anointing for those who   know the bible. The concept of latte symbolized the need to increase the milk of the word in our lives and others.  Milk feeds life into us  the minute we hit this earth. We move from milk in a bottle as a child to milk in an espresso an adult. It is the need to encourage life, love, hope, information, encouragement, inspiration, and faith to others.  We only publish our own material for now because we are still in baby stages of learning how publishing works. We hope to expand to animation and short films in the years to come.

Raspberry Mills Studio – The Fine Art and Whimsical Art!

rasppp3 I have been creating art professional for over 33 years. I am constantly growing and learning as an artist. Many years ago I started Raspberry Mills Studio. I had great success with it. I had developed product line of fine art whimsical art, and decor. Many of the series of art I have today were created from Raspberry Mills Studio.

Heart Moon 2 This month I decided to refocus and revive Raspberry Mills as the major entity for my fine art, whimsical art, greeting cards, decor, journals, and prints. It is an easy transition to make because Raspberry Mills provokes excitement  and energy to create unlimited styles of art. It gives me outlet for illustration, historical black art, whimsical art, prints, decor, animation, and more. I have all ready started on a new series and  concept to the products I will produce in my studio.  I am still building both website. I hope you enjoy the new changes and features. It is always  hard to start a new thing, but it is important to  grow as an artist! More to come!

Raspberry Mills Studio – The Fine Art and Whimsical Art!




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