When Jazz Married Art


One of my favorite Jazz pianist is  Thelonious monk. When I was younger I recall siting at the piano  for hours trying to duplicate his melodic- jazzy bebop gospel style.  He is one of the singmany musicians that inspire my art.  His call and response bebop style of music speak to the soul volumes of truth.  HIs alone in San Francisco  is one of best albums. When Jazz married art ,the art work was turned up side down. Jazz and art met at the very beginning  of Jazz ‘s birth   and have been going strong since then. For many of us as artists putting on  some classic jazz tracks and painting away the day is a lifestyle. The two are inseparable.  I created many pieces over the years of Jazz Art but I  have not even began to scratch the surface of the beautiful harmony between the two. It a musical journey in paint.                          ( Sing Jazz – Janie McGee 1999)

I think the connection between Jazz and art is the freestyle ,free-spirit ,unconstrained  emotionally ,passionate ,motivation to imitates life  in the art form. I spent   most my life playing jazz on piano and in bands. The transition to painting jazz …. was breathless.  The arts in general  have a way of circling themselves.

miles davisWhen I write, I am inspired by  art to paint. Art inspire me to create music, so I play piano. Music inspire to dance, so I rise up and move .  Dance inspire me to film., so I pull out the camera and create. Film inspire me to write, so I sit down and create a book.  Writing  inspire me to create art. The beautiful chain of events of creating   are birthed and renewed  instantly in the arts. I have never meet a artists does not  dabble in other arts forms. The only thing can do sing! But I do act!                                   ( Miles in the key of Green – Janie McGee 1998)


billy holiday moodJazz from the time of of conception brought forth  many forms of music. It is the Godfather of swing, big band, funk, rock, hip hop, disco, house,  and forms of gospel music. Jazz and  art seem to be glued together most of the time. There are painting that when you look at them you hear the notes burst from the canvas. When I paint dancers I hear the jazz music behind the brushstrokes of movement. Jazz  has  a way of  helping you feel the mood  of life. I have painted  art , while in deep thought listening to count Basie or Coltrane. I only come  up for air to wet my brush. The notes move the burst, The notes move the paint. The bridge and solos guide the artistic rhythmic  details in the painting . Hours go by before I realize the  jazz song has been on repeat 34 times.I start it back over again.   ( A Billy Holiday Mood – Janie McGee 2002)

swingJazz is a muse that will forever be apart of art. Painting jazz is  more than just a painting of a guy playing sax or a piano player leaning forward . It  is the art of trying to capture the note that lands in your mind. There are many more jazz painting to paint in the next year. It like hearing a song that never ends until you hear the next one. it began all over gain…. When Jazz married Art.( Music on film by Janie McGee CD- Side Order of Praise)


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