April…..Make This Your Year!

jars4 country living Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead,  I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:13-14

This year make it your year. It is March. April is just around the corner. New things are birthed in the Spring. This April  make some new things happen in your life.  God will answer your prayers as you pray in faith. Whatever you have been believing God for this year increase your faith.

April is the first month of the year on the Nisan Calendar, which is the Hebrew  calendar. It is a  month of new beginnings. In the Bible when you see months  listed you count the month starting with April to determine the month. For example the fourth month would be  July. April is a time of new birth and the start of new things. This April is your time and season for the new!




ThumbnailImage2Maybe you haven been wanting to get married this year.It is not too late. Dating is a  job within it self. God will send you a mate, but are you ready for him? Take serious your desire for marriage in April. Start speed dating, maybe plan a singles cruise,  look into online dating  or hiring a matchmaker if you are too busy. What ever you decide to do .. do it in faith!  Before this year is done and you look back and see very little change I your life… start now!

Do not let this year pass you by with dreams never fulfilled or desires never met. Find the mont%20coffee%20booksstrength in you to make a change in the things you want for your life! Dating, marriage, job, education, and family. Most important…. your walk with God. Draw closer to him  starting in April. I am not talking about going to church but walking with Jesus. Maybe spend more time in sincere prayer instead of just going through the motions. Learn something about your faith that you didn’t know before. Learn things about God and Jesus that you did not know. The Holy Spirit will teach you.  This April make it  the start of a new year  and explore your walk with God.

imagesCAVW5EWFSometimes we walk around for years like baby  Christians. We never evolve to growing in God.  We expect the pastor or the people in our church to grow us up spiritually. Take control over your spiritual destination and grow up this April in the Lord. Things you have not understood before, let God teach you  in his word. Let Jesus reveal even more the power of the cross to you. Don’t stay a baby Christian. Get back to basic Christian beliefs and grow from there. If what you are believing is too complex it is probably not of God. Many churches are keeping people as baby Christians because it is easier. This year grow in Christ.  He has called you to mature and grow in the Lord! April is a good month to start reading and praying more! Birth in you more of Christ!

There is so much God has placed in you that you still can discover. Make every day in your life count. Be courageous  in making it happen in your life this Spring. Don’t just watch the birds sing and the season change. Be a part of the new day God is setting before you. It is not too late to fall in love. and get married. Start expecting and hoping for the desires in your heart. This is your year to live and not die! Fall in love! Remodel your house, take a cruise, plant a garden, exercise, and explore the world.  This April let it be your new beginning for this year… it is not to late…… live!

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