Meet James Crow

Meet James Crow

I started using the term in 2000 after relocating from Colorado Springs to Baltimore, Maryland. We lived in Colorado Springs  for about 5 years. It was the Christian right-wing mega church ministry political mecca. Over 400 Para church ministry are located at that time in the Springs. That included Focus On The Family. I saw many things and learned about the right-wing Christian conservative agenda for the next 10 years to come. I came back from out west very angry and discouraged. But when I got back to the east coast I was surprise to see how many black churches had began to buy into their schemes of using the black vote and church for their  conservative agenda.

The was new face on the deteriorating  race relations that has  evolved into  a new James Crow that is extremely deceptive. James Crow is the elder aged version of Jim Crow for the  millennium. This new James Crow hijack the progress of black in America  to use for  its own agenda. The new James Crow pimps black people’s wealth, values, and civil rights for it own political purpose. The new James Crow  creates the illusion of unity  to secretly set  the wheels in motions for progression of a few select communities. The new James Crow is embedded in the church and is called multiculturalism. The New James Crow is deeply institutionalized in the system so that it  can not be questioned or removed.

The new James Crow blames the victim for being the victim. This new James Crow is ruthless and extremely hard to fight. It sits in corporate America daily. It will hire you for the job and ensure that you never progress. It will comfort you with a little success in order to quiet down your desire for real progress. The new James Crow will demand that you conform to  its way of thinking in order to  go higher in the ranks. You have to leave  behind any alliance you have with those of your race. You must function as a master of blending without questioning the effects  the decisions you make on those who are left behind.

The new James Crow is openly racist. If you call it a racist them you are called one back. The new James Crow will get kicked off the air or Television for racist remarks. The new James Crow will find a new voice  with a larger wider audience then it had  before. The New James Crow has a sister Jane Crow that will fight you like a man. She will provoke you to anger with foolish arguments. The she will call you racist for disagreeing with her. She get free air time  on any subject and write books because she is  labels as entertaining. She is uneducated on working with black , but creates commentary like she is an authority on race matters. She may have one black friend. One is enough for her.

I have  heard a lot of conversations on talk radio by the new James Crow about the joys of being “not politically correct” and openly hateful. He will not address the injustice and hardships still affecting the black race. The New James Crow throws Hitler’s name out on the airway to keep America in fear. The new James Crow uses fear to contain the masses.  And I dare not even mention the OJ trial of the 90’s. The whole tone of conversation among James Crow changes into total disgust. The new James Crow keeps a large following of listeners afraid of diversity. The new James Crow encourage “race mixing” fears. He dislikes true race relations and does not hide his concerns.

James Crow believe it is time for Blacks  to “just get over it”. Slavery was  many years ago in his eyes. James Crow call it the  “post racial period”. The new James Crow uses this term to silence change.  James Crow believe he “took” one for the team by giving “us” a black president. He believes black people  should  just “settle down” and “enjoy it” while it last. The new James Crow has Obama on his clock. When he sounds the alarm Obama’s  time will be up. James Crow will move on to his intended agenda of “taking back” America. He will have just cause if he make sure the presidency of Obama fails.  The new James Crow is calculated and entrenched in the America philosophy of the constitution. He never counter on it being used to vote in a black man. It will need to be changed in James Crow’s mind. He creates the Tea Party movement to push that agenda.

Across the country James Crow encourages a philosophy that stresses America is  tired of Blacks “complaining” about civil rights and injustice. Black people in his eyes  have  come a long way. They can  buy houses now and send their  kids to  his white schools. Even if black kids  had to hide their culture, act white, and start a healthy road of self-hatred of their  race.  Hip Hop became James Crow new  vehicle to degrade black women, push violence, and drugs. James Crow allow his children to listen to it so they will know how blacks “really” are in his eyes to  enforce racist attitude. Have you ever looked at who is in the board rooms  producing rap music? James Crow comes in many shades. His favorite color however is green. Hip Hop has to go back to its roots to go forward so it can be the voice of this generation against James Crow. It can be that voice when it is policed by those who are the founding fathers of it.

James Crow’s kids will go to white colleges and have Martin Luther King Day where they dress up in black face. James Crow’s kids wall hangs nooses on trees and out of window on college campus and high schools. They will call it “just having fun”. James Crow’s  kids will get mad because they can’t say  “Nigga”   unless they are  singing in a  rap song. So they  encourage  blacks in power  to ban  it from their own culture. James Crow’s  kids will think it cool to hang around black kids along as they don’t identify with their race or history. James Crow kids will make  millions raping like black people, creating videos of hip hop hoes, and   negative stereotype images of blacks  without a  knowledge of the historical  pain. James Crow will put a white women in black face on Vogue magazine and call it art while keeping black women off the runways.

Jim Crow started right after slavery (1876) and ensured injustice of Blacks until the dis mantle of it in the late 1960’s. However it resurfaced in the political and social response to Blacks across the country in the 80’s and 90’s. Hurricane Katrina would be one of James Crow master greatest works of the millennium. The response to black  poor people dying would be his style. James Crow was forced to responds.  I thought it was very ironic that the 2 pipe lines that run oil from Louisiana are called “Plantation and Colonial” were of great concern to those in power during the crisis.

The James Crow Church

I wrote several Christian stations following the Hurricane about why they did not show any efforts to help or report the first week.They emailed me back a letter yelling at me about their efforts. After 2 weeks of raising money they went back to business as usual. A few stations had their Fall Telethon for themselves for about 4 weeks straight. They referred to the people there in New Orleans as refugees. But they had several programs on about abortion and the Supreme Court ruling that effected their “Take back America” agenda. James Crow walks in pride. It is important for him to  look good in the face of controversy.  He  just hopes and prays he will not have to show any real effort toward true Christian  race relations. The James Crow Christian will just send more stuff to African and call it “ healing the race”. He hopes the race relations stuff  will go away so he can freely divide the country. True voices  against him  will be shouted down.

The new James Crow Christian will use the bible to justify racist remarks.  He will declare the world is ending because  we have black president. It is  a sign  to him that   the world is coming to an end.  He will preach great words from the bible and Jewish scholars to back up his theories while he preaches  plans to “Take Back America”. This term is used to define a revolution that has no biblical basis.  He  uses the founding fathers as a basis for his cause. The same founding fathers that had  2000 slaves between them when they signed the constitution.

While black  people were dying  in Katrina they are focused on their safe communities and “taking back America”….from who? James Crow Christian says this is a Christian nation. He  hates anyone  that disagree with him that is different politically . Hate is not a Christian concept. Do you want it to be a Christian nation? Or just your nation? The James Crow Church is segregated  every Sunday. He has become comfortable with siting with those who look and think only like him.  The James Crow Christian is now segregated every day of the week. The racial divide widens.

James Crow would be best labeled as “sugar coated racism”. It’s the cousin to riding on the backs of the bus that now  uses  dismantle affirmative action to just keep you driving the bus and not allowing you to really run the company.

It is the attitude of “making you use the colored fountain” that has turned into not giving you a business loan to run a Fountain company. It will allow you attend a white schools but will expect you to lose whatever culture you have. Don’t look back and don’t dare look black. As a matter of fact, it is the same attitude that allows the white Christian church that right to come into our community and preach about policy about abortion but never march with you during injustice and cop shootings. Where are they then?

A large part  the James Crow problem in America  is spiritual. It’s the need to  be the church instead  just going to church. It’s the preaching that encourages us to  buy a house instead of loving our neighbor. It’s that “get mine” mentality that keeps us from coming  together at the cross with real reconciliation. On the Christian airways there is  so many programs on   paying seed money  and  paying the prophets.

The other problem is the programs collectively shut out any dealing with race issues. The programs are  polluted with right winged rhetoric that do not hold interest to that needs of urban communities. We see our vote sold to have others  family’s safe in their  communities  while our brothers and sisters are impoverished, murdered, and living in unsafe communities.

We see preachers making back door deals to sell books and get private planes instead of holding out for truth in Christ. They become Christian celebrities. They do  not have time to pray anymore with broken people who was the landmark of their ministry. James Crow comes in many shades in the church. He has been in the back of barns.

James Crow makes statement like ” pleases stop complaining” and “we are all one”. Yet we are not all  treated equal in this country. When we can watch video tapes after tape of police brutality and say “well, the cop may be right”…something is wrong.  And yet we were encouraged by the Christian networks  to march for abortion and support President Bush in the last 8 years.

James Crow is not just  based upon race  but also based upon caste. There are many sins in the bible. But there are 2 truths that Jesus speaks of and we must hold true…” Love one another ” and “laying  down your life for another”. Our voices must  speak truth  and take a stand when you see another hurting. Our communities have been affected by the James Crow policies nationally and we must start standing again and remove our self from an agenda  that benefit elite communities while  continuing to hurt our people. What would Jesus do?

It is time to address injustice, pray for guidance from God, and build his kingdom without a James Crow mentality and self gain ideology. It is time to be the church and not just go to one. It is time to be like Jesus and not like James Crow. It is time to confront James Crow policy with the word of God and stand for truth. It is time to be who you are and affect the world with what God has given you to reach for greatness! James Crow can try… but he can’t hold you back when your eyes are on God!


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