Cabin in The Sky! Warfare?

imagesCA5Z4BYSOne of my all time favorite movies is  Cabin in the Sky. Vincent Minnelli directed this great classic in 1943. He is Liza Minnelli’s  Father. It was very rare to  see  a black film with such a great cast produced in that era. A lot of film that  were produced by black filmmaker during that era showcased black talent and lifestyle  were not seen in mainstream American. This movie  moved from the stereotypes in Hollywood of black creating fun black folklore. The cast of Cabin in The Sky was Lena Horn, Ethel Water, Rex Ingram, Louie Armstrong, and Eddie Anderson to name a few.  It was cohesive cast of highly talent actor and actress that brought this film to life.

The movie’s plot  alone  opens the doors for a lot of discussion on  spirituality  as seen from a  black church view. I appreciate its innocent attempt to bring to the screen the reality of decisions, warfare, and struggles in life in a  real way. It the simplest form the movie shows  the possibilities   if you had a second chance at life …what would you do different?imagesCA2RKPAM

In the film Little Joe  is supposed to make his life right with God. He made a  decision to shoot dice instead of getting his soul right with God. He almost dies. He is stuck in state of limbo. The angels of God and the demons of hell battle for his soul. An angel is sent to heaven to see what God want to do about Little Joe. His wife is praying women. She has been praying for Little Joe’s soul. The angels hear her praying and it moves God. Little Joe is given a second chance to live and get it right. He will not remember however what happen when he died and  the warfare that  took  place in his room. So he  has  to make the right choices this time around. The demon( Lucifer Jr.)  promises to set him up for failure. The angel from heaven also will help him give them a fight. He makes some decisions that  sets the course for  his life to look familiar. I will leave it at that because if you have not seen the movies that ending is superb! I don’t want to spoil it!

It life we are faced with decisions. if you could take back anything you did in life what would you do different? The warfare that take place around Joe from a Christian perspective is worth taking note. Many time we walk as if we are on our own. There are angels and demons sometimes at war in the midst of us. I have experience the  feelings of  protection  many times by angelic forces around me.

I picked  up a young man   at night on my way back to colleges hitchhiking many years ago. I  never do stuff like that! The man was strange in a good way. He keep telling me about Jesus and all these blessing  that would happen to me in my life.  I was not a Christian at the time. The car was lite with  a bright light. I can’t  explained it . We drove for  about 20 min.  I took him to his house. I was parked under a bright street light. He shared with am all the  things God had for me and to just believe him. He said my life would be  getting better. I watched him get out  my car and go behind my car. I wanted to see what house he would go into so I could come back by and talk to him the next day. He just vanished behind my car. I got out the car …..he was nowhere to be found. I was parked under bright street light! I could not see him any where. I believe he was an angels.

Many time we are encountered angels and help from above. The TV show back in the 70’s Highway to Heaven was a concept of having help sent to you to make the right decisions. In the bible its say to treat  stranger right because we may encounter an angel. I have studied many book about angels from a biblical perspective. We are  not to worship them but understand what they exist, war,  do God’s will,  and protect.  Only God knows!

“Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it!” Hebrew 13:2

 In one scene in Cabin the The Sky the angels and demons and walking around the room pacing waiting for an angel to bring back the message from Heaven. Little Joe sees his own  body in the bed and is panicking. The angel of God tries   to calm  him down. The demons are eager to take his soul to hell. The battle for our soul is real each day the temptations we face  to do wrong.  Sometimes  that out ways the desire to do right.  Some day you can feel the battle. Some day we just give in. However being a Christian change all of that when we walk in God’s grace through Jesus Christ.  We have help and have settled our account with God. That mean we are not  wrestling with what will happen when we die because we believes.  Our sins have been forgiven. We are just trying to live right , but have grace and mercy from God.

I figure as a Christian walking with God If I die and  let say that there is no God or heaven….. I have live my life loving and serving others.  I have nothing to lose because I lived a good life loving others. The flip side of the coin is that if I die and I have not accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior  then I risk the chance of missing out on heaven. I am exchanging 100 years on the life living right for the risk of 1000’s of year in eternity away from God. It made sense to me in doing the math to take a chance on Jesus, he has not failed me left. Many people have had NDE – Near Death Experience who have seen heaven and hell. Many were not Christian and discoverer their faith.

For those who have never watched the movie… rent it!. It is not accurate in some ways biblically  but great entertainment in seeing spirituality in different light.  Cabin In The Sky  shows some of the pitfall and temptations we have in life that can cause of us to be  tricked  into failing from grace.  In one scene  the demons in hell played  by  Rex Ingram, Louie Armstrong, and Fletcher River(Stepping Fletcher) plots to get Little Joe’s soul. Their plan involved money and a women. The scenario is played out ever day in our society with or without the help of demons! The decision to gamble, trick, lie, or steal for greed. There are women that are gold diggers that love to seek out man with money. There is even website called “Sugar Daddies” to find men with  money and hook up. Some things never change!

We are tempted on every side. We battle and tray hard a s human to make the right design. The most  amazing part of the movie for me is watching the angels of God in white suit  dressed like warrior protecting his  soul. It is all entertainment but provide such strong images for  the imagination of the help we may have. Cabin In The Sky is a legendary film that capture a glimpse of spirituality. Of all the film that could have been produced by MGM this film  on black life is uplifting.It speaks to the heart of who we are as black people. We are  very spiritual!!!!  Whatever you are battling  trust you are not battling it alone. God can and will send help where you pray for it or not!  He is faithful. I hope if you have time to watch  the film that it help you to see  even through entertainment that what every decision you make in life whether you are saved or not God has a plan for you. He  can sent  you help when you need it. Even as we speak for what you are facing today… help on the way. He has a Cabin in The Sky for you!


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